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Source International Trading Co.

Sources International Trading Co
. is one of the leading companies in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Since its establishment in 1988, it has evolved and diversified its operation to cover business sectors including: Engineering, Trading, Services, Construction, life support Services, import & export of Food Stuff, industry requirements, agricultural material and leasing equipments with O&M agreements. SOURCES INTERNATIONAL is a reputed company that has proven record of excellent work and delivery in many areas in both Jordan and Iraq, the head office of the company is based in Amman – Jordan.

SOURCES INTERNATIONAL had significant and remarkable contracts in the Middle East including Iraq notably in import & export of Food Stuff. The total turnover of the supply of Food Stuff in 1993 was 30 million USD, major concentration of the food commodities being Sugar, Tea, Palm Oil, Meat, Chicken and others. We have marked prestigious result in this field in the Middle East countries especially in Iraq and in the neighbouring countries.

The amount of the Business in agricultural and industrial material "Trading" was approximately 10 million USD in the financial year of 1992 – 1993 and the total amount of the businesses since 1988 is above 60 million USD.

Our Branches in Iraq were closed in 2003 due to the security reasons. But we were able to reopen them in 2007 in Victory base complex - Camp Victory, we have found success in services, logistics and supply contracts with the US Army since then and during this period some of the projects that were completed are:

1? Provide and install towers.
2? supplying construction materials.
3? Site preparation and civil engineering.
4? leasing and maintaining Heavy Equipments.
5? Renovations for IP Stations and Huge buildings.
6? constructing and installing force protection Fence and Gates in different FOBs.
7? providing Local National Workforce in large quantity.

Our performance are not limited to include Baghdad, but goes to Fallujah, FOB Hammer, FOB Mahmudiyah, JSS Ghazaliya, TQ and many more.

Our approach is to accomplishing the requirements on any project that has the following distinctions:

Technical Expertise  

The skills needed to complete any project are readily available in?house, which allow us to move quickly and decisively to meet the desired schedule with ease. This includes project management, engineering, and a deep set reverence for the subject matter.

Employment of local Citizens.

Our performance on any contract will employ no less than 95% of the in country workforce. The employees will be local nationals who are either already the staff or gathered from the local surrounding depending on the timely requirements and the nature of the requested work.

Sustainable Employment Practices.

Sources international traditionally pay our workers higher than the average market wages which increases productivity, reduces time loss and experience due to attrition, and engenders a loyalty to the company uncommon in the current materialistic society. Sources International also complies with local and regional norms with respect to employee vacations, holidays, sick leave, and other benefits.

Realistic Prices.

The prices offered by us for any project are realistic as they are based on actual costs incurred by us while providing these services. While others may understate their costs or performance timetable in order to gain the contract, but later significantly amend these items. One can be assured that our proposal will be fair, legitimate and accurate.

Fields that we can work includes

•    General Trading & Contracting
•    Construction & Civil Engineering
•    Logistic Support & Transportation
•    Local & Regional Procurement
•    General & Life Support Services
•    Site Preparation & Horizontal Construction

Principles for the foundation stone of SOURCES INTERNATIONAL

•    Client is the most important part of our endeavor.
•    Handling of every business opportunity with utmost care and professionalism.
•    Recognizes the meaning of innovation.
•    Teamwork is our strength.
•    Seeks to provide quality products and services.


The Sources International Team is committed to ensuring that the projects get executed professionally and efficiently, meets all government’s requirements and abides to all government rules and regulations. Our technical and expertise skills, coupled with our proficient management capability ensure mission accomplishments. SOURCES INTERNATIONAL stands always ready to partner with our customers for success.

With our ability to deploy fast and our knowledge of the local market, we feel very confident that we will perform the tasks required to our clients to the fullest satisfaction. Following is a list of the projects that SOURCES INTERNATIONAL accomplished in the past.

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