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Petra provides the following range of NDT, NDE and Destructive Testing services using its certified and experienced personnel team of professionals:

-         Third party Inspection

-         Radiographic Testing (RT)

-         Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

-         Automatic Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) ( Phased array and TOFD)

-         Magnetic particle Testing (MT) including (WFMPT)

-         Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) including Florescent PT

-         Visual inspection Testing (VT)

-         Leak Testing (LT)

-         Vacuum Box Testing

-         Hydrostatic pressure Test

-         Welding Inspection

-         QA, QC inspectors

-         Hardness Testing

-         Bolt and Screw torque fastener and tension testing.

-         Paint thickness, Holiday Testing and Protective coating inspection.

-         Dimensional Verification

-         Procedure Qualification Record (PQR)

-         Welding procedure Specification (WPS)

-         Welder performance Qualifications (WPQ)

-         Qualification of Oil Storage tanks for Gas Stations (Pressure Test – Coating – Insulation Power, Coating thickness and Dimensions According to                   UN-58).

-         Industrial Consulting in Paper, Plastic, Rubber and agricultural Machineries

-         Material Testing and Evaluation

-         Material Supplies especially NDT Materials (Films, Magnetic Particles, processing Chemicals, Dye Penetrant, Isotopes, …etc)

-         Equipment Supplies (X-Ray Tubes, Gamma Ray Projectors, Ultrasonic Equipments, darkroom accessories, coating thickness devises, holiday                     detectors and other NDT test equipments).

-         Supply of high qualified manpower in Welding, QA-QC inspectors and NDT Technicians

-         Bend Test

-         Micro Examination Test

-         Nick Break Test

-         Tension Test

-         Impact Test

-         Micro etching Testing 

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